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Weddings in the Meadow

The meadow was developed for quiet country weddings in a woodsy setting. Birds chirp in the surrounding forest, butterflies flitter and the clouds float gently overhead while vows are exchanged.

The first wedding held in the wedding meadow was for our lovely Head Baker. The meadow looks even better now, and the bride does, too. Not much decorating required for either one.

Outdoor country weddings are taking off. Every year there are more, sometimes even two a day. Some couples schedule them two years in advance, and others come in at the last minute. 

We add to the natural beauty every year with additional landscaping.  In 2015 we also added an "entrance " with drapes so the brides do not have such a long walk down the aisle.

Receptions in the Pavilion

Then there is our green roofed pavilion, protected from the elements with a wind screen on the west side. (The pavilion is also the alternative location for outdoor weddings on the rare occasion when the weather doesn't cooperate.) It has a raised stage and a concrete floor 30' wide and 60' long. Guests may decorate it.


In the fall of 2015, multiple strings of white lights added to the ceiling are available for all to use.

Our awning on the east side of the pavilion extends the usable space 20' x 60'. It works well for additional seating, or the catering station, or the bar area. The layout is quite flexible. 

The eight foot long rectangular tables and the metal folding chairs are included in the pavilion rental fee. They make the best use of available space.



The Pavilion

Most receptions happen in the pavilion.

And sometimes the rehearsal dinner as well. 

The pavilion has a stage and lights with space for dancing on the new wooden dance floor.  

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