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Do It Here

Do you want to have a different kind of event, but can’t find the right place to hold it?  We have a flexible facility with plenty of open air space that can be adapted to meet many needs.  On-site parking and indoor restrooms are included.  Reservations are required; fees may apply depending on your needs. 

Listed here are just a few of the possibilities.

Around the Grounds

Group parties and picnics:  Nothing is more relaxing than a place where the kids can run and play and the grownups can relax and mingle with plenty of space for a good time.   Evening wagon rides or camp fires are available for small additional fees, Picnic tables under the trees are provided.

Adult parties:  We welcome parties for adults but they have to be relatively quite, for the neighbors' sake, and they have to wrap up by 10:30-11:00  PM. There is a PA system that will run off your smart phone, iPod, etc. Alcohol is permitted, in moderation of course. Underage drinking is not acceptable.

Birthday parties for kids of all ages:  There is a kid sized picnic table for small folks that is long enough for the whole gang at one table. There are larger tables for grownups. A $25.00 booking fee is required to reserve picnic tables and barbeque pits for parties. Birthday parties are held outside on the grass unless there is bad weather, when we move them under the pavilion. We bake birthday cakes, too.

Mud pie events:  Nothing is more fun for little kids than making mud pies, and where can they do it without making a mess? We host mud pie parties, complete with fresh mud, water and a place to work with it. When it is over, hose off the kids and go home. We clean up the mess.

Fruit blossom viewing. Apple and peaches bloom during the last weeks of April and early May. Call to see how they are doing and then come out. Nothing beats a walk in the trees during bloom time. There will be bees but they will not bother you, unless you are a flower.

Fields and Green Spaces

Model airplane flying:  There is air and ground space for model airplane flying. We have a landing area that is groomed for such events when they are scheduled. There is no charge.

Kite flying:  Our large western parking area is ideal for flying kites. Organize a group or come by yourselves. The area is free for the flying.

Auto and motorcycle shows:  Our grounds can accommodate any number of participants and visitors at auto and motorcycle shows.

Flower and herb shows:  Our grounds are ideal for groups wanting to host a flower, plant or herb show.

Dog and cat shows:  Our grounds provide and ideal venue for showing animals. We will construct and special facilities for such events.

Day camping:  Our grounds are available for groups wanting to camp out just for the day. See our scheduler.

A View at the Farm.


Recitals:  Dance and music recitals may be scheduled in the pavilion. There is a stage and  seating for the audience. An oak dance floor arrived last year. It is large enough for small dance productsions as well as wedding dances. We have a large PA system but groups need to bring their own mikes or music sources. The pavilion will seat 175 people comfortabley with others spilling out the open sides. We are happy to provide a place for young people to demonstrate their skills.

Jam sessions and karaoke:  Are welcome providing there no previously scheduled events for the pavilion.

Fashion shows:  Our pavilion is an ideal location to showcase fashions. There are spotlights and a stage and we can construct a runway according to the needs of the sponsors.

Card parties:  For a change of scenery, schedule your next card party to be outside in the fresh air. Bring your own cards. 

Tea parties:  We have space for tea parties for persons of all ages.