Mills Apple Farm

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Our made-from-scratch fruit pies are famous throughout the metro area. They win ribbons and contests. We started with apple pies. Now there are peach, blueberry, blackberry, cherry, rhubarb and multiple combinations of those flavors, including sugar free versions. All made from fresh or fresh-frozen IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) fruit; nothing canned. Mincemeat, pumpkin, pecan and raisin round out the group (until someone asks for something new).

If you have your heart set on a special flavor, give us a call. We don't have everything everyday, especially during less busy times. And sometimes we sell out. But we'd be glad to make one just for you if you let us know and give us the time to do it.

Can't eat a whole pie? Buy a half-pie. Or a turnover that includes all the goodness of a regular pie, just no pan. Eat it in your hand.


A View at the Farm.

Apple Crumb Pie

Our specialty and winner of the 2010 River Front Time "Best Pie" award.