Mills Apple Farm

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Bakery Prices

Most of our 10" deep dish pies are $15, with an additional $1 if you want a crust top (instead of crumb) or sugarfree filling. A few other flavors are more. We can even add a caramel drizzle to most flavors for an extra $1. They can be cut into 8 normal sized pieces or 6 large pieces. Our pie pans hold a LOT more filling than a normal 9" pie!

Cookies range from $1 to $3, depending on how fancy they are. Not bad for hand made on-site. Bottled water and canned soda are usually available for $1 each.

And remember: The parking is free, the play area is free, the wagon ride is free, and the country ambiance is free.


A View at the Farm.

Peach Pie

Next best thing to fresh peaches from the orchard!