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Frequently Asked Questions

1.   When is the fruit season?

Our fruit season begins when we have ripe fruit to sell. It usually starts in July with peaches. It may start earlier, however, if other fruit is available.


2.   What fruits does Mills Apple Farm grow?

We have primarily apples, peaches, and blackberries. Starting in 2014, we hope to have sweet cherries as well.


3.   When are you open?

From mid-July through December 24th, we are open from 9 AM to 5:00 PM from Tuesday through Sunday. We can host weddings, receptions, special events, and evening hayrides at times and days outside of our public hours.


We are closed on Monday except for Labor Day and Columbus Day. We’re closed Thanksgiving Day. We close for the season at noon on December 24th.


4.   When do you close for the season?

We close for the season at noon on December 24th.


5.   Are there admission charges?

Admission is free as are wagon rides on weekends and most other events. Some events may have a small charge to cover our costs.


6.   How do I schedule an event?

Call the farm at 618-887-4732 or email


7.   What is there for kids to do?

Kids may pick fruit with their parents, play in the maze, play on the straw bales, swing, feed the animals, see if the chickens laid any eggs, and check out other attractions.


8.   Where is Mills Apple Farm located?

The farm is located on Pocahontas Road, between Marine and Grantfork, IL. Grantfork is six miles north of Highland. Marine is fifteen miles east of Edwardsville, IL. There is a map elsewhere on this site.


9.   Would this be a good place for a party?

You bet! We have plenty of parking space, picnic tables, play area for the kids and game equipment that may be checked out. And if it's a bigger, more serious party, there's always the pavilion to rent.


10. What is there to eat, besides fruit?

On weekends the snack bar offers a variety of ready-to-eat tasty treats.


11. I heard that you have a bakery.

We do indeed. Our bakery regularly wins prize for its products. Fruit pies and cookies are our specialties. We are known for our 10” deep dish apple crumb pie.


12. Can we purchase your products elsewhere?

We attend the Land of Goshen Community Market from early-May to mid-October, and the Highland Farmers' Market from mid-May through September. Look for us there with our yummy baked goods.


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