Mills Apple Farm

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We have primarily pick-your-own apples, with at least 15 varieties ripening continuously from around Labor Day through the end of October. Every year we try to add new varieties.

There will be apples on the trees until the first hard freeze, but which apples those will be is all dependent on Mother Nature. 

Exact dates and fruit availability are determined by temperature, rain, and tree load - again, "Mother Nature". Check with us to find out how this season's crop, and your favorite variety, is shaping up. There are two new varieties of Fujis as well as Honeycrisp trees in the ground, but they'll need a few more years to be producing. We'll let you know when we have them for sale.

Plan to spend an enjoyable period of time picking apples; it's the perfect family outing.  Remember, beauty is only skin deep, just wait until you taste one of our tree ripened apples!

A couple of hints for your comfort when picking apples: weather is often different out in the country, and sturdy shoes are always a good idea in the orchard.

When you arrive, our staff will share which varieties are ready for picking, and how to best choose and pick a ripe apple.

A View at the Farm.

Ripening Schedule

Earliblaze - August 16
Ginger Gold - August 20
Jonathan - August 23
Ozark Gold - August 30
Royal Gala - August 30
Empire - September 1
Jonagold - September 5
Senshu - September 5
Red Delicious - September 20
Golden Delicious - September 25
Fuji - October 10
Granny Smith - October 15
Braeburn - October 15
Blushing Golden - October 15
Winesap - October 15

NOTE:  These dates are the "catalog" dates for ripening.  Mother Nature doesn't always follow the same calendar we do, so check with us to see if we're running early or late.  We don't want you to miss your favorite variety!