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We have more than a dozen varieties, all freestone, ripening continuously from around mid-July through Labor Day.  Exact dates and fruit availability are largely dependent on temperature, rain and tree load - aka "Mother Nature".   Call us to find out how this season's crop of peaches is shaping up.

Plan to spend some time looking for that perfectly ripe peach; it's like a treasure hunt, some days.  Remember, beauty is only skin deep, just wait until you taste one of our tree ripened peaches!

A couple of hints, for your comfort when picking peaches....lightweight long sleeves, shoes, and a gentle touch.  When you arrive, our staff will share how to best choose and pick a ripe peach.

It looks as though there will peaches from several new varieties in 2015, and even more within the next three years.

Peaches - Yum!

Ripening Schedule

Red Haven - July 20
New Haven - July 25
White Lady - July 25
Nectar (white) - July 26
Jay Haven - July 30
Harmony - August 7
Carolina Belle (white) - August 7
Summer Pearl (white) - August 10
Flaming Fury - August 11
Crest Haven - August 15
Madison - August 20
Bisco - August 20
Encore - September 1

NOTE:  These dates are the "catalog" dates for ripening.  Mother Nature doesn't always follow the same calendar we do, so check with us to see if we're running early or late.  We don't want you to miss your favorite variety!