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Check the Orchard Update link (to the right) for status on apple varieties, picking opportunities, the pumpkin crop, and other farm products.

We follow state guidelines for Covid-19. They are subject to change at any time, and will affect us immediately.

CHRISTMAS TREES:  Balsam Firs are now available for sale. Cut to our order in Nova Scotia, shipped cool, and displayed in water, these lovely trees bring an old fashioned feel to your holidays.

BAKED GOODS: We're currently baking to order only. Just give us a few days advance warning so we have it on the schedule. It's also time to order your holiday pies! And maybe for an unbaked frozen pie or two to combat the winter weather. Call 618-887-4732.

We have many fruit flavors available for our baked goods, including apple, blueberry, cherry, peach, and rhubarb. Combinations, too, like apple rhubarb, apple cherry, cherry rhubarb, and apple blueberry. Later in the fall we'll add pumpkin and pecan pies. Pies are $17 each. We can also bake you a smaller fruit crisp for $8, with the same filling and crumb topping, but no bottom crust. Pies can be unbaked as well (except pumpkin and pecan!), with the crumb already on top or in a separate bag. They freeze well - imagine enjoying a freshly baked fruit pie whenever you want! Baking instructions included.

PICK YOUR OWN APPLES:  Apple picking is over for the season. The cold temperatures froze the remaining apples on the trees. Thank you to all who came out this year and enjoyed our orchard experience.

GOSHEN MARKET:  Thank you to all of our loyal shoppers at the Land of Goshen Community Market in downtown Edwardsville. See you there in May 2023!

THE STORE:  Our little brown on-farm store with the porch serves as our check-in and sales point on the farm. That's also where you'll find good things to eat and drink! We're not yet allowing customers inside the store, so the outside porch will be set up on weekends like a farmers market stand so you know what we have available. Look for conserves, fruit butter, honey from on the farm, and already picked apples when available.

NEW BUILDING:  It's up! And big! And very red! You can't miss it. We're very pleased with the space it will give us, although it is taking us a while to get the interior the way we want it. Thank you, again, to all those who donated to our building fund! It's a big project. We will continue working out of our little brown store (with the porch) for the immediate future.

The children's play area is open, including the 3-floor wire maze. The glider swings are back up as well. There are still animals to visit, and space to run around. This year we have 26 young laying hens doing chicken things. You can also admire our home-built half-scale Lunar Excursion Module (LEM). The first man on the moon was over fifty years ago on July 29, 1969,

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As many of you already know, our iconic red apple barn (the main building) was completely destroyed by fire on May 4, 2014. Our market, bakery, cider operation, wreath making equipment, coolers, walk-in freezer (which contained hundreds of gallons of cider and many apple pies worth of filling), and countless other items were totally lost. With over thirty years in business, we had accumulated a lot of stuff, and guess where it was stored.

Just a note: the parking is free, the play area is free, the wagon ride is free, and the country ambiance is free.  We are family owned and operated; our bakery goods are hand made on-site and our apples may not be as pretty as the store bought varieties - but they usually taste better.  We aren't a big operation, but we put a lot of heart into making you feel at home.  So take a break from reality, put down your iPhone, "Come visit us!"


Orchard Update

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  Tues thru Fri  1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  Sat & Sun  10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  Monday   CLOSED

We will close for the season on December 24th at noon.

The tractor and wagons have stopped running for the season, but Christmas trees are within an easy walk. 

Our season usually starts in July or August and runs until noon on December 24th...